Handbookbinding Studio "De Pinguïn"



Available in English!

Carolien Scholten of Handbookbinding Studio "de Pinguïn", in cooperation with programmer/student Jasper van de Gronde, has developed an application to help you design scored boxes.

BoxPlanner (DoosPlanner in dutch) v 1.3 lets you choose between three different shapes of boxes. Each is composed of a bottombox and a similarly shaped topbox, which can be slipped over the bottombox. The shapes you can choose between are a rectangle, a regular polygon, which lets you select how many sides you want, and a polygon based on an ellipse, which also allows you to enter a rotation that can be used to create shapes lake a diamond or a parallelogram.

BoxPlanner will let you enter the thickness of the material, the desired offset from the floor and the desired space between the outside of the bottom and inside of the top. To specify the desired size of the box, for a rectangle you can enter a length, width and height (all interior dimensions), for a polygon a radius and height (also interior dimensions) and for a polygon based on an ellipse you can enter a length, width, height and rotation.

With nothing but the press of a button you can let the program show you a design for all components of the box. In addition to the top and bottom the program will show you designs for (amongst other things) extra bottoms and an inlay for the walls. These parts give the box additional strength. The design can be printed directly in its actual size, this way you can use the printed design to put on the material that is to be used and cut out and score the material directly. BoxPlanner lets you calibrate your printer, in case the dimensions come out wrong. If the design is larger than what your printer can print, BoxPlanner will print the design over multiple pages (while providing markers to easily align the different pages). BoxPlanner can also save the design to a file that can be opened and printed by most viewers. Of course you can also save the dimensions you entered in a separate file and open it at a later date. The dimensions the program calculates and which are necessary for drawing the design, are shown in the design and can be saved separately.

The program will also show the the dimensions of the piece of material that is needed for a certain component in the design. This can be used to quickly check whether you have enough material for your design.

BoxPlanner can be delivered through an Internet download or on CD-ROM, in the first case we will provide you with an Internet address of a page where you can download BoxPlanner (naturally no shipping costs are involved in this case). The program is easy to install and takes little space. A comprehensive manual is provided for. In the event that this manual isn't enough, support is offered, both for the program and the construction of boxes. Both a Windows version and a MacOS X version is available. Price: € 32,50 (excluding shipping costs). The program can be ordered by contacting Carolien Scholten (see Information).