Handbookbinding Studio "De Pinguïn"


Handbookbinder Carolien Scholten has had many years of bookbinding experience. She studied bookbinding at the Centre for Arts (Kunstencentrum) in Groningen and in 1996 she obtained the GOC-diploma Handbookbinding (Finishing). From that time on she is continually busy educating herself further in various new bookbinding techniques.

In her workshop, situated in an old farmhouse, she binds new books, fixes old books and makes boxes under commission. She also gives courses in various binding techniques and paper marbling and organizes courses by others.

Handbookbinder Carolien Scholten
Boersterweg 14
9791 HE Ten Boer
Tel: +31 50 3022034 Fax: +31 50 3022065
e-mail: info@depinguin.nl

Side view of Handboekbinding studio 'De Pinguïn' Sign of Handboekbinding studio 'De Pinguïn' with a sunset in the background.